Special Events

October 18th

Calvary Clubs Fall #6

October 19-21

Bus Trip to the Ark

October 22nd

Ghana Medical Mission Trip Report

October 23rd

Faith Bible Institute #10

October 25th

Calvary Clubs Fall #7

October 28th

Calvary Clubs Barn Yard Festival

October 29th


October 30th

Faith Bible Institute #11

November 1st

Teen Outreach @ 5:00 PM

Calvary Clubs Fall #8

November 2nd

Ladies Bible Study @ 6:00 PM

November 4th

Men’s Bible Study @ 8:00 AM


November 6th

Faith Bible Institute #12

November 8th

Calvary Club Review Night

November 10-11

Men’s Retreat @ Camp Calvary

November 11th

Church Rollerskating @ Foutain Blu Arena 4:30 PM

November 13th

Faith Bible Institute #13

November 15th

Calvary Clubs Thanksgiving Lesson

November 16th

JOY—Thanksgiving Blessings @ noon

November 19th

Widow/Widower Thanksgiving Luncheon

November 20th

Faith Bible Institute #14

November 22nd

Thanksgiving Service

November 23rd

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27th

Faith Bible Institute #15

November 29th

Teen Outreach @ 5:00 PM

Calvary Clubs Fall Quarter Awards Program

December 2nd

Men’s Bible Study @ 8:00 AM

GENERATIONS—Christmas Party

December 3rd

Annual Business Meeting

December 4th

Faith Bible Institute #16

December 7th

Ladies Bible Study @ 6:00 PM

December 9th

Teen Christmas Caroling

Widow/Widower Christmas Celebration

December 10th

Sunday School Christmas Program

December 11th

Faith Bible Institute #17

December 14th

JOY—Christmas Celebration

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